For whom is Statistics counseling?

For anyone who has to carry out statistical analyzes (or have them performed) or wants to better understand statistics. We supervise students from the university and HBO with statistics and SPSS with the analyzes needed for their thesis or to obtain a statistics exam. In addition, we supervise PhD students and researchers with analyzes for dissertations and scientific publications. We also carry out analyzes for business studies or for making a business plan.

What does statistical counseling mean?

Statistics counseling consists of either explaining statistics or performing (or commissioning) analyzes. When it comes to statistics for a study, we carry out the analyzes together, and explain everything step by step. This way you understand exactly why you have done these analyzes and how you can interpret and report the results. When it concerns analyzes for a business survey or business plan, it is decided in consultation whether you want to implement this together or have it carried out.

What does a process of statistical counseling look like?

Application. Once we have received your application, we will start working right away. We look for the most suitable statistics advisor for you and link you to each other. Agree. It is possible to have an introductory meeting first before the first appointment. Often this is not necessary, however, if you have a very concrete statistics question. If you prefer to get started right away you can skip the introductory meeting. Check. The statistics supervisor will give you as many details as possible to carry out yourself. After you have started working yourself, your statistics advisor will see if it went well. This way you can be sure that all your analyzes are correct!

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