Professional and experienced

Dr. Linda Muusses – study and thesis supervisor

Linda Muusses is a PhD in communication scientist and psychologist. She did research into romantic relationships and internet use, and has experience as a teacher at various universities. As a teacher or second reader, she supervised both theses in work and organizational psychology and in social psychology. As a study and thesis coach, Linda has coached many students in the Bachelor’s and Master’s theses or other parts of the study, and supports both HBO and WO students in related courses. Linda thinks it is best if she can teach students skills so that they know better in follow-up situations how they can come to a solution. She likes to help students with good writing skills, solving theoretical or statistical problems, realistic planning, and dealing with stress or a lack of concentration. She likes to think along with students to find a solution or choice.

Daphne Straus – thesis supervisor

Daphne is an experienced study and thesis supervisor and also works as a graduation teacher at HBO. She graduated cum laude in Communication and Information Sciences, in the field of International Business Communication. In addition, she has done the minors Business Administration, Intercultural Management and Linguistics and Culture. Her specializations consist of communication, tourism, intercultural communication, online marketing, advertising, business administration, statistics, quantitative and qualitative research methods. She finds it a nice challenge to motivate students and learn skills. She ensures a personal approach for each student that the student feels comfortable with. Daphne guides both WO and HBO students in Eindhoven or online.

Gerdientje Danner-Vlaardingerbroek – study and thesis supervisor

Gerdientje is a PhD researcher and has research experience in the field of psychology, sociology and orthopedagogics. For her PhD she did research into work-life balance, psychological availability and the quality of family relationships. She has also completed a clinical master’s degree and has experience with guiding young adults with problems such as AD (H) D, burnout and depressive symptoms. Gerdientje has extensive experience in supervising both bachelor’s and master’s students when writing their theses (HBO and WO). She controls SPSS, Amos and Netq, and likes to think along with statistical challenges; for example, which analyzes or tests fit a research question, or how, for example, you can best perform, interpret and report an anova or regression. Gerdientje can provide good guidance to students in applying structure and focus in their thesis, and help with the explanation and practical processing of feedback. In addition, she coaches students in planning and working efficiently on their thesis, and in dealing with, for example, stress, procrastination or concentration problems. Gerdientje works in two regions; both in South Holland – The Hague, Leiden, Rotterdam – and in Utrecht and also online.

Hagar ter Kuile – study and thesis coach

Hagar is a research psychologist with experience in teaching and guiding students, and a lot of knowledge of statistics and various research methods. She controls SPSS, Mplus, and Netq. She supervises students from social studies and related programs, both HBO and WO. She is also affiliated with various Universities as a thesis supervisor. At the moment, Hagar completes her PhD research at the Social and Work Psychology and Sociology Departments of Utrecht University. During her PhD she also supervised bachelor and master students with their thesis. She finds it a very nice challenge to help students discover what motivates them, learn their skills such as realistic planning and scientific writing, and give them clear explanations about research methods and statistics. She can also handle problems that may hinder studying, such as stress and concentration problems. She supervises both WO and HBO students on location in Amsterdam or online.

Jorrit Mulder – study and thesis coach

Jorrit Mulder has extensive experience as a thesis supervisor, tutor and researcher for various organizations and universities, such as University of London, New York University and Open University of the Netherlands. He also worked as a consultant for the World Economic Forum for their Partnerships for Education program and worked as a West Africa analyst for the Carter Center in Atlanta. Jorrit graduated cum laude with a Master in Political Science and has a bachelor in music sciences. He has already helped many students with theses, essays or student counseling in the field of social and cultural sciences, such as economics, business administration, psychology, pedagogy and cultural sciences. He supervises both WO and HBO students on location in Amsterdam or online.

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