Gerdientje is a PhD researcher and has research experience in the field of psychology, sociology and orthopedagogics. For her PhD she did research into work-life balance, psychological availability and the quality of family relationships. She has also completed a clinical master’s degree and has experience with guiding young adults with problems such as AD (H) D, burnout and depressive symptoms. Gerdientje has extensive experience in supervising both bachelor’s and master’s students when writing their theses (HBO and WO). She controls SPSS, Amos and Netq, and likes to think along with statistical challenges; for example, which analyzes or tests fit a research question, or how, for example, you can best perform, interpret and report an anova or regression. Gerdientje can provide good guidance to students in applying structure and focus in their thesis, and help with the explanation and practical processing of feedback. In addition, she coaches students in planning and working efficiently on their thesis, and in dealing with, for example, stress, procrastination or concentration problems. Gerdientje works in two regions; both in South Holland – The Hague, Leiden, Rotterdam – and in Utrecht and also online.