Code of conduct

Our code of conduct

Why a code of conduct? We regularly receive questions about the nature of our guidance through the media or from universities and colleges. At Studielab, we guarantee our quality through a code of conduct that schools, universities and students can keep to us. This code of conduct is derived from the current mission of Studielab: stimulating clients to bring out the best in themselves. From this point of view, we have opted for a number of rules of behavior that are leading in how employees should deal with each other and with clients. If these rules of conduct are exceeded, a sanctions policy applies.

General rules of conduct

  • We treat each other with respect
  • We show open, honest and honest behavior
  • We make clear agreements and follow them
  • We express annoyances to each other
  • We look critically at our own behavior and are open to correctly given comments
  • We think in terms of solutions and not in problems

Additional rules of conduct for study and thesis supervision

  • We encourage students to get the best out of themselves
  • We never take the research or paperwork out of the student’s hands
  • The student remains responsible for the entire thesis at all times
  • The content of the guidance is strictly confidential
  • If required, we actively cooperate with the thesis supervisor of the program
  • Our guidance is given within the framework of the program with the assessment criteria as the starting point