Working at Studielab

Who works at Studielab?

Studielab is distinguished by the quality of its guidance. We are regularly looking for excellent supervisors with a passion for coaching, education and research. We set the bar high when it comes to recruiting supervisors and, where necessary, we first provide an extensive training program internally before supervisors start working with us.


Currently we are specifically looking for thesis supervisors with knowledge of the following topics:
  • Economy
  • Rights
  • Stata
  • Media & Entertainment Management
Are you interested in working through us and can you find yourself in one of the profiles below? Do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form. We offer competitive fees based on the academic salary scale.

Profile thesis supervisor

  • Strong empathic ability and highly developed social and communication skills
  • Extensive teaching experience with coaching students
  • Experience as a researcher or PhD student for a university
  • In possession of a research master, preferably graduated cum laude
  • Knowledge of the most common research methods is a must
  • Knowledge of statistics, SPSS and matlab is an advantage
  • Willingness to work at irregular times on the basis of a freelance contract