A proven method

At Studielab we always start with a completely free intake interview. This conversation takes about half an hour and can take place at our office or online via Skype. The purpose of this interview is to get to know a supervisor of your choice, to find out what the request for help is and to explain how it all works at Studielab. Then we always first speak an online or face-to-face test lesson. During the trial lesson, your supervisor can make an analysis of your thesis and the feedback provided above or help you with a specific question, depending on your wishes and stage in the thesis process. You can also brainstorm during this hour about your main and sub-questions, research design or other ideas for your thesis. Furthermore, the purpose of this lesson is to find out exactly what further needs to be done and what type and how much guidance is required. After the trial lesson starts the guidance of your thesis, which depending on your needs can consist of 1) online lessons via Skype, 2) face-to-face lessons or 3) study days in our study space at WG plein 233 in Amsterdam. Once the coaching process has been completed, we evaluate how you experienced the coaching process and what you learned from it.